Intuitive Balance

Intuitive Balance 
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Classes and Workshops

Monthly Women's Moon Circle 

On the full moon each month we will be getting together to do our intention setting for the month ahead. We will discuss New Moon preparation and will be letting go of old energy that is  holding us back.

If you would like to come please go to the Facebook page and click on the Events page and let me know you are wishing to attend and I will be in touch.

Just click the link below and it will take you to the Facebook page.

I look forward to seeing you there.

The World is my Oyster
Looking forward into 2019
Manifesting what we want our year to become and 
being grateful for our achievements in 2018.
This will be a guided group coaching session
for those who would like to gain momentum towards their 
goals and dreams. 
Run the last Thursday evening of the month. Limited seating available.

General Admission $55

[email protected]

Walking groups and morning ritual groups coming soon. please register your interest on the contact page or via Facebook.

Please stay posted and if you would like to be on my contact list please go to
and follow. All my classes will be uploaded there too. You can also leave your details on the contact page.